Social Distancing Floor Stickers

Social distancing floor stickers aren’t going anywhere fast, if Covid-19 rules are to be observed to the full degree.

The end date for UK lockdown measures is still up for debate, but one thing is for sure; lockdown protocols wont be relaxed all at once. Experts are working on a gradual exit strategy, lifting the lid on controls one by one. This could mean that certain businesses will open, while others will not. When we are granted more freedom to leave home, hygiene awareness and the 2m social distancing rules will remain a part of our daily life. This will continue the prevention of coronavirus spreading and reducing the strain on our NHS.

We are sure you cannot wait to reopen your doors to the public and welcome customers back into your premises. But first, you must prepare to do so in the safest and most responsible way possible. We have developed a range of anti-slip social distancing floor stickers that should be applied to your floor. These markers will serve as a reminder to all.

Every time you purchase a social distancing floor sticker through our eBay store, 10% is of the sale will benefit the Association Of NHS Charities. Shop Social Distancing Floor Stickers.

Would you prefer something more bespoke? We will add your own branding, change the design, colours and sizing. If you have a large premises or would like to supply these to a large number of chain stores, we can also fulfil large orders. Please call us on 07973 550002 or email, we would be happy to help you.

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