The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was introduced in 1995 and was designed to ensure that individuals with disabilities are treated fairly in all aspects of life, including the workplace. One aspect of the DDA that is particularly relevant to businesses, is the requirement to provide adequate access and facilities to disabled individuals. Window manifestations are an important aspect of this requirement and must be carefully considered to ensure compliance with the DDA.

What are window manifestations?

Window manifestations are markings applied to glass surfaces, creating a contrast and making them more noticeable to individuals with visual impairments. These markings can take many forms, including dots, squares, stripes, or patterns, and are often applied using a translucent or frosted material. The purpose of window manifestations is to help prevent accidents by ensuring that people can see the glass and avoid walking into it.

What are the requirements of the DDA?

Under the DDA, businesses must ensure that their premises are accessible to all individuals, including those with disabilities. This includes providing appropriate signage and markings to aid individuals with visual impairments. The regulations state that any glazed area that is at least two meters off the floor level must have markings applied to it to prevent collisions.

Regulations also specify that the markings must be at a suitable height for individuals with disabilities to see them. They should be positioned between 850mm and 1000mm (bottom strip), 1400mm and 1600mm (top strip) above floor level. In addition, the markings should contrast visually with the background glass to make them more noticeable.

Why are window manifestations important?

Window manifestations are an essential aspect of accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. Without them, it can be challenging for people to navigate through a building safely. They also provide peace of mind for business owners, as they reduce the risk of accidents and potential liability claims.

Window manifestations are not just a legal requirement; they can also be used in combination with office branding. By using creative and interesting designs, businesses can create an attractive and unique look for their premises while still complying with the DDA.

We can design, supply and install window manifestations to meet all levels of requirement, including;

  • Discreet DDA compliant etched effect dots
  • Simple cut lettering and logos – add your corporate logo to interior and exterior glass, doors or partitions
  • Plain or patterned bands & full coverage
  • Coloured vinyl overlaid on frosting
  • Printed frosting (including photographic images)
  • Solid vinyl colours
  • Full colour prints


Why not compliment your window manifestations with effective office branding and wall murals?


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