What is a Car Wrap?

A Car Wrap is a way to change the look of your vehicle without the need for complicated and potentially expensive paint respray. The process involves either a complete or partial covering of your car with self-adhesive vinyl. In doing so you can change the colour or create custom printed designs.

You can also use a Car Wrap for Paint Protection Film, keeping your original paint intact. When you decide to sell your car, this is a great selling point.

How does a Car Wrap work?

A layer of self-adhesive vinyl is applied over the top of your vehicle’s body, a process followed by expertly conforming over angles, corners and curves before finishing with a careful and steady trim around the panels

Depending on your choice there are generally three stages to Car Wrapping:

  • Taking accurate measurements of the car and choosing between colours or a printed design.
  • Printing and laminating the vinyl which serves to protect the ink from scratches/abrasions and UV degradation.
  • Applying the vinyl to your vehicle.


Car Wrapping is an intricate job that if unprofessionally applied will almost certainly fail in various ways. We strongly encourage using trained wrap technicians that can competently install to the highest of standards. You can trust a technician to ensure your car is thoroughly prepped and any vinyl applied correctly to achieve that all-important finish


Why get a Car Wrap?

There are plenty of good reasons for wanting a car wrap, most commonly it’s a great use for advertising. A bespoke designed wrap can display your company logo including contact details and graphics which is undoubtedly a smart choice for taking your advert with you on the road

Car wrapping can be a great option if you are looking to personalise or lift the appearance of your car. Vinyl wraps generally work out cheaper than resprays but they also allow for creative effects not as easily achieved in paint. For example, patterns can be effectively incorporated into a design which significantly enhances the look.


Types of Vinyl Wrapping

There are different types of vinyl wraps to choose from, common choices are:

  • Advertising Wraps: great for showcasing a business, its key information and creating awareness for the brand. Whilst vans and trucks are often the go-to choices for advertisement wraps cars are equally as effective in getting a campaign across.
  • Colour Vinyl wrapping: an opaque film used to change a car’s colour or finish. It’s a nice option when you feel like enhancing your car from a visual aspect


Do I have to Wrap the entire car?

Of course not. It is equally effective to wrap individual parts like mirror caps or window pillars. Sometimes a gloss black roof wrap simply creates an effect like glass or better still, applying a carbon fibre bonnet wrap to give a racier look!


Will a Car Wrap protect my paint?

Pretty much, yes. A Vinyl Wrap additionally acts as a barrier between your paint and the elements. Wrap film equally helps to protect the original paint from light scratches as much as it greatly reduces paint chipping. As a bonus, it functionally blocks out the UV rays known for causing paint discolouring.


Car Wrap Maintenance

Car wraps can easily be washed, and generally, a hand wash is the least likely to cause damage. Drive-through car washes may damage or peel the vinyl wrap. Depending on the wrap used, you may be able to use a pressure washer provided the pressure and temperature are low and you use a wide-angle spray.

Regular and gentle washing is one of the best ways to extend the life of your car wrap.


Can I Polish a Car Wrap?

Many polishes contain abrasives that can damage the vinyl car wrap. There are a few polishes that have been designed for wrapped cars that take a softer approach.


Can I Wax a Car Wrap?

Generally, there is no reason or need to wax a wrapped car, as the vinyl will offer a similar finish. If you want to wax your vehicle, you should use pure wax, or a wax specially designed for car wrapping.


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