Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Many high street stores such as Dunelm and B&Q are now selling self adhesive wallpaper, promoting its “quick, easy and removable” qualities. But what are the real advantages and disadvantages to this DIY decorating trend? Just how easy is it to install? And what are they not telling you?

“It’s mess free!”

As the name suggests, this vinyl wallpaper is self adhesive with a handy peel and stick backing that can be applied to almost any smooth surface. No pasting. No mess.

“It’s easy to fit!”

For the seasoned decorator, fitting this type of vinyl wallpaper should be fairly easy. To the novice however, not so – all the same measuring, trimming, straight hanging and lining up needs to be done as with traditional wallpaper. Expect the project to take a few hours, depending on your wall size.

Only use on smooth walls. This vinyl tends to not like textured surfaces.

Pro tip: While retailers will coax you in with this being a removable product, it’s still self adhesive and many people make the mistake of removing the whole backing paper from the sheet while fitting, causing the wallpaper to stick where it isn’t wanted. Instead, once your self adhesive wallpaper is lined up in place, peel back and apply just a section at a time.

“It’s removable!”

So removable, it will peel right back off your wall if you haven’t prepared correctly. Many paints these days contain Teflon, an ingredient that gives painted surfaces an anti-stick, wipeable quality. Try to fit your brand new self adhesive wallpaper to a wall painted with this and…. you guessed it, it wont stick.

If you successfully apply this to your walls don’t be fooled into believing the claims that it can be re-positioned or removed at any time without damaging walls or leaving behind sticky residue. So many variable factors can affect the performance of adhesive, such as not just the surface it has been applied to, but even the temperature of the room. If you are applying this to a painted wall, be prepared to retouch with fine surface filler, sandpaper and fresh paint once you decide to remove the wallpaper.

“Express your style!”

AKA express the retailer’s style using one of their limited collection of ‘off-the-shelf’ designs featured in thousands of other homes up and down the country.

Pro tip: Order a bespoke wall mural in self adhesive, pre-pasted or paste-free options. With a choice of satin or matte and textured finishes. Select an image or pattern from a vast image library, supply a personal photograph or even have something bespoke designed for you.


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