To Be or Not To Be? (CAPS or Lower Case)

Following on from our last post on choosing a font style, let’s talk about CAPS and lower case.

If you are writing emails etc in all caps it is generally accepted that most people think you’re shouting at them. Because its BIG and in your face.

Do not be misled into thinking that all of your signs have to be be in large capitals to get the most impact and legibility.

Prior to the M1 motorway (UK) being built in the early 60’s road signage was generally all caps. After extensive research and testing, the Transport font (similar to Helvetica and Swiss) was designed to make road signs easier to read from a distance and at speed. So who am I to argue against the scientifically proven, heavily funded research by Her Majesty‚Äôs Government?

Having said that there is a place for all caps. Use it sparingly, always stand back from your monitor to view your design and get a second opinion or three.

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