Which Font?

When we talk about fonts we are not talking about baptising babies. We are talking about type faces …of which there are literally thousands.

When advising our customers on typefaces we usually, in the nicest possible way, ask them to start walking around with their eyes wide open. Start looking at other signs. What image or feeling do they create in your mind? Do they appear warm, inviting, friendly or homely? Do they appear cold, official, business like or professional?

Once you get a feel for what other businesses are trying to create with their signage you are then in a better place to select a typeface that will set the theme for your business.

Typically typefaces can be put into two categories; the warm friendly casual style or the more traditional, serious and formal. When designing your layout it’s a good idea to change the font from casual to formal or vice versa and stand back away from the monitor to see the change of feeling it will give to your design. We can always do this for you when you visit us in our workshop.

People always like to be different and in an effort to stand out they will use typefaces or effects that just don’t work from a distance. Just don’t do it.


Top Tips For Choosing Your Font

  1. Generally speaking try not to use more than two typefaces. It can just end up looking like a dogs dinner and will detract from the message you are trying to convey.
  2. Work out what your main message is trying to say and make it pop out at you. The name of your business doesn’t always have to take centre stage (e.g. you may want to make your web address the focus instead.)
  3. Ask two other people for their opinion, take on-board any criticism, ignore it or accept …its your sign, you decide.

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