Great Expectations

A lot of customers coming through our doors have great expectations for their new business, in the words of Del Boy and Rodney, they are thinking that this “time next year we’re gonna be millionaires”, which is great , and we love their enthusiasm. The thing is they may know what they are going to do but have very little idea about how to market themselves and even less of an idea about the importance of branding. So when we start asking questions it’s no wonder they look confused.

great expectationsWhat questions are we going to ask you that you should be thinking about?

1. What are your objectives and what is your core purpose?

2. Who are you trying to attract?

3. What will be the main purpose of your new sign?

4. What do you want your new sign to do for you?

Nothing focuses the mind more when you are asked about your core purpose and objectives. When giving it some thought it will become apparent what your direction should be. Whether you are a charity, a school, a hospital or a business your direction should be bespoke to you.

Is your signage or branding aimed at the general public, commercial or domestic customers, existing clients, employees, visitors, students, members, residents, patients, suppliers, investors, shoppers or passing motorists?

Are you trying to advertise, sell, direct or inform? Or are you trying to inspire, impress, warn or identify?

These are all really good questions to ask when designing your signage and branding for your business or organisation.

When you know the answers to these questions …or you have┬ásome more questions to ask, give us a call.

Phil Aliphon, Director

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